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The O Poop Factor, What not to do!!


Ok, we are going to give away some pearls of wisdom today free of charge.  If you have any Pearls of Wisdom to share, please email us at Dan@backflowinspector.com.

Pearl Number 1, The 1/2″ Watts 009/LF009

If you don’t have a Total Repair kit and a Small Pick, absolutely do not take it apart to give it a cleaning.


Total Repair Kit

Pearl Number 2, The Wilkins 375 2 1/2″-6″

If you don’t have the check retaining clip, absolutely do not take a part an older Wilkins 375

Retaining Clip 2 1/2″-3″

Retaining Clip 4″

Retaining Clip 6″

Pearl Number 3, The Febco 860 1 1/4″-2″

When repairing the relief valve be patient when using the rubber kit, If you are not careful reinserting the cover you will pinch the diaphragm on the relief valve and need to get another diaphragm.  So, When reinserting the diaphragm, gently rotate the diaphragm while applying pressure to the cover and spring to slowly guide the cover and diaphragm into place.  Keep pressure on the cover while slowly replacing the bolts to ensure that you are not pinching the diaphragm.  The parts kit is cheap, so I would have 1 or 2 extra kits on hand.

Relief Valve Rubber Kit

Of Course it is more money, but if you don’t have the time to mess with it a complete relief valve can reduce time and stress.

Complete Relief Valve

That is enough Pearls of Wisdom for now, We Will Update this section periodically.

Thank You.

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