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The O Poop Factor, What not to do!!

  Ok, we are going to give away some pearls of wisdom today free of charge.  If you have any Pearls of Wisdom to share, please email us at Dan@backflowinspector.com. Pearl Number 1, The 1/2″ Watts 009/LF009 If you don’t have a Total Repair kit and a Small Pick, absolutely do not take it apart […]

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What is your Gauge Telling you? This is for Newer Testers!

We get a lot of questions from other backflow testers and we are here to help. It’s not unusual for a tester to call and share there leaky relief valve story with us. The tester will tell us about this scenario or that issue, and What they have taken apart and cleaned or replaced. Our […]

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O-Ring too Big!

Brand New Repair Kit, but the O-ring is too Big?   https://backflowpartshouston.com/blogs/news/115970116-o-ring-too-big

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Document all Repairs

This is an important point that all testers should keep in mind when filling out their backflow test reports!

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Did the Second Check Fail on the RP?

When you are testing the RP, Do you know exactly what Closed tight or Not on the second check valve means. What exactly causes a fail on the number 2 Check Valve. https://backflowpartshouston.com/blogs/news/88748548-before-you-fail-an-rp-for-a-second-check-not-holding

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