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The O Poop Factor, What not to do!!

  Ok, we are going to give away some pearls of wisdom today free of charge.  If you have any Pearls of Wisdom to share, please email us at Dan@backflowinspector.com. Pearl Number 1, The 1/2″ Watts 009/LF009 If you don’t have a Total Repair kit and a Small Pick, absolutely do not take it apart […]

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Expensive Mistake

I had a call today from a customer that asked us to come out and Fix their Backflow Preventer. I asked them to send me a couple of pictures. I was all to happy to help. I can’t fix this. The installation is incorrect. The Wilkins 375 3″ is not approved for installation vertical flow […]

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O-Ring too Big!

Brand New Repair Kit, but the O-ring is too Big?   https://backflowpartshouston.com/blogs/news/115970116-o-ring-too-big

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Safety Harness Required!

Sometimes Backflow testing requires a safety harness.

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This was a bypass and it failed with continuous discharge out of the relief valve.

A repair is needed on this. We could not leave the water supply open to this assembly.

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