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Expensive Mistake

I had a call today from a customer that asked us to come out and Fix their Backflow Preventer. I asked them to send me a couple of pictures. I was all to happy to help. I can’t fix this. The installation is incorrect. The Wilkins 375 3″ is not approved for installation vertical flow […]

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RP Install Wall of Shame!

This is installed too close to the wall and Testing cannot happen. This is on the Wall of Shame.

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Brand new upside down install that will have to be inspected after a correction is made!

This is just another reason that a backflow test is required to close many plumbing permits.  This photo is courtesy of Blake Simon, one of our Backflow Inspectors.

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This RP is a bit too low

Too Low. Needs to be 12″ above Grade.

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This Installation is a fail. You can spend the money and still not protect the water supply.

This picture is from Joe Lambert, you can also find it on Facebook in Backflow Headquarters.

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