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As experienced Backflow Inspectors, the paperwork is more than half of the Battle

How many times have you tested a backflow preventer? You left a copy in a plastic bag on the backflow preventer, emailed the test report, and been paid? When you get the emergency call that goes something like “Hi you tested my backflow preventer back in June can you send me a copy of the […]

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Why do Ice Makers need a Backflow Preventer on them, They have internal Air Gaps? RIGHT?

The ice maker alone does not require a Backflow preventer, Until you add a filter to the set up. As we all know, a filter’s function is to isolate all of the contaminants, Lead, Chlorine, etc,. etc.. When the filter is not replaced often enough, it will become a high health hazard. We used to […]

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Did the Second Check Fail on the RP?

When you are testing the RP, Do you know exactly what Closed tight or Not on the second check valve means. What exactly causes a fail on the number 2 Check Valve. https://backflowpartshouston.com/blogs/news/88748548-before-you-fail-an-rp-for-a-second-check-not-holding

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Unprotected Bypass

The unprotected bypass is unacceptable. To correct the direct cross connection, the bypass needs to be cut out and capped or another RP needs to be installed. I tested the RP, but on the report noted and documented that there is an unprotected bypass that needs to be corrected. It is very important to document […]

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RP Install Wall of Shame!

This is installed too close to the wall and Testing cannot happen. This is on the Wall of Shame.

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