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O-Ring too Big!

Brand New Repair Kit, but the O-ring is too Big?   https://backflowpartshouston.com/blogs/news/115970116-o-ring-too-big

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Febco PVB 765 2″ with worn out Parts.

This PVB has a bad check valve.  This Backflow Preventer needs repair. This is why Backflow Assemblies are required to be inspected. These old parts were pretty worn out and not preventing backflow incidents.   Buy Febco Repair Kit for 765 1.5″ to 2″ Check Valve, 905-070

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This is something all backflow testers should know. Very Impressive

We try to inform the backflow community on a different level with any interesting news that you may not find anywhere else.  This came up and we were impressed. Conbraco/Apoollo has a nice concept with this approach, and it will help managing parts a little bit easier. Click on the Graphic to see the post.

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Ugly fail on a Wilkins 950

This is pretty good example of why backflow prevention assemblies need to be inspected annually. This disc did not get like this in a year. Buy Wilkins: Rubber Repair Kit 3/4"-1" for 950XL and 975XL, RK34-950XLR

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Repair on a Wilkins 375 3″ has some twists and turns

We tested several backflow prevention assemblies at one location and came across this leaky port on the relief valve cover. We started the repair thinking we could use a rubber kit on the relief valve. The inside of the relief valve cover had a groove in it where the relief valve fits into the relief […]

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