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First Tip for Testers

You are called out to inspect a Watts 009 1/2″ at a doctors office or dry cleaner.  You notice that the number 1 check valve is leaking at a reading below 5 pounds of pressure across the number 1 check valve.

Your first reaction is to just take it apart and clean it.  No big deal.

I encourage you to think twice about this.  The number 1 check valve is very delicate on this model and there is a great chance that the check valve will break as you take it out of the device to inspect and clean.

If the Delicate part gets damaged as you take it apart, you will not be able to put the device back in service.  Now you have a real problem that was not evident before you arrived.

Sure the backflow device failed, but the customer was able to use the water until you could get a bid to repair or replace the device approved.  Instead, now you are in emergency mode with a customer service issue that could have been avoided.

It could have been a smooth transaction with you in control and heading towards your next backflow service call, but now you are dealing with an emergency repair or replacement.

Of course you could keep the repair parts in stock, but even if that is the case you may not be able to get the complete old check valve out of the old device because sometimes the check valve holder gets stuck in the device.

If you have any tips for testers, please feel free to share.  I will give credit to any contributor to the topic.



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