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What is wrong with this group of Pictures?

Spill Proof Vacuum Breakers must be 12″ taller than Highest discharge point, piping, and tubing because this High Hazard device cannot prevent against back pressure.  Back pressure can also be present with pumps and injector units.  This is a situation that the installer of the Spill Proof Vacuum Breaker did not understand the limitations of […]

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You get what you pay for.

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Check out the unauthorized unapproved by USC, not a Febco repair part!

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This is a Great way to void any possible warranty from the factory.  Yes, your backflow device failed.  Yes, you need to repair it.  Yes, you need to use original factory parts from the manufacture.  The Backflow device is supposed to be inspected by a licensed backflow Inspector/Tester after all repairs to insure the device […]

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