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Brand new upside down install that will have to be inspected after a correction is made!

This is just another reason that a backflow test is required to close many plumbing permits.  This photo is courtesy of Blake Simon, one of our Backflow Inspectors.

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Protecting the fact that there is no Backflow Prevention Assembly

This Picture was contributed from Bradley Tomlin. If you have great pictures to share please send us an email.

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This RP is a bit too low

Too Low. Needs to be 12″ above Grade.

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Wall of Shame Watts 909 RP

The Backflow Prevention assembly has been modified and put back together in a poor manner. Please don’t let this happen to your business.

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Wall of Shame, Irrigation Backflow Antisiphon Valves

Thanks to Greenedge Sprinklers and Jessie for this great picture of a fail.

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