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Unprotected Bypass

The unprotected bypass is unacceptable. To correct the direct cross connection, the bypass needs to be cut out and capped or another RP needs to be installed. I tested the RP, but on the report noted and documented that there is an unprotected bypass that needs to be corrected. It is very important to document […]

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RP Install Wall of Shame!

This is installed too close to the wall and Testing cannot happen. This is on the Wall of Shame.

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Too Close for Comfort!

This turned out to be a pretty big pain to test both assemblies.  The first issue, is with out Swivel Adapters for the test cocks, testing the assembly is not possible.  If you are a backflow tester, you need Swivel adapters for the test cocks.  The second issue, the test cock adapters from the first […]

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People always ask, how does Backflow Happen? This is one Way!

This is a very common mistake. Please don’t let this happen to you.

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Wall of Shame for sure

This is probably not backflow related unless it is connected to the air gap drain from an RP.

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