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This is a category focused on helping the tester through some issues that we have found to be difficult.

Identify the Watts 009, M1, M2, M3

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No Data Plate? No Problem! Click on the Below Graphic to see the article from American Backflow.  

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Safety First Backflow Prevention

Ever walk up to a leaky RP and want to put your hand in the relief valve to see what is up there?  Think about this post. We know that there could be insects or other dangerous plumbing debris in the relief valve, but this is over the top. Be Careful. These Dangerous pieces of […]

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First Tip for Testers

You are called out to inspect a Watts 009 1/2″ at a doctors office or dry cleaner.  You notice that the number 1 check valve is leaking at a reading below 5 pounds of pressure across the number 1 check valve. Your first reaction is to just take it apart and clean it.  No big […]

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