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This is a category focused on helping the tester through some issues that we have found to be difficult.

This tip comes from A1 Backflow Testing LLC. 520-252-5680

We all know how hard it is to open and close some of the older gate valves. Here is great tip to make the job a little easier.

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Non OEM Parts! Why buy it? What is the Benefit? At what Cost?

Why buy this product, when you can buy Febco Repair Parts? If you install or test a Febco 765 pressure Vacuum Breaker with Non OEM or Non Febco parts like these you are now 100 percent liable for any contamination issue that occurs at the the location.

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What unapproved Repair Parts look like for the Febco 765-1, PVB

If you are the backflow inspector and Pass this Backflow Prevention Assembly, you have just accepted liability in any contamination event at this location. The Febco Parts approved by the USC testing lab are the parts in the assembly with the amber color.  The Yellow Parts or sometimes blue parts are not part of the […]

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Video Testing an RP Backflow Prevention Assembly

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Rotating the test cocks

Sure there are a lot of tools to use to rotate the test cocks.  There is the wrench, crescent wrench, socket wrench, pliers, adjustable wrench.  We have all been in situations that were uncomfortable and with out adequate space to work.  We have found the easiest way to rotate the test cocks is to use […]

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