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This is a category focused on helping the tester through some issues that we have found to be difficult.

You connect your gauges open up the test cocks and your gauge pegs out at 15.0 PSI.

When Testing the RP!!! If your gauge starts acting funny by pegging out at 15 or slow to raise the needle when you open the test cocks you, before you take apart the backflow prevention assembly look at your hoses and gauge. Try swapping the red hose for the yellow or bypass hose to see […]

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The Right tool for the job

One of the tedious parts of the repair process is always trying to reach all the bolts and then extracting them.  It takes a lot of time and wears you down.  I have been using this Milwaukee power ratchet and had great success.  It saves time and time is ________!

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Tip from Brad Hirter

Great tip when pipes don’t line up just right.

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Sand in a 3″ Wilkins 375A RP

We had to clean out the check valves and the relief valve.  This could have been prevented if the contractors flushed out the lines before installing their equipment.  We are happy to help. The actual problem still presented itself after cleaning out the entire assembly and flushing it several times along with the mainline. In […]

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Save your old Parts when making a repair!

Recently we repaired a Watts 909 2″ RP. We replaced Check 1, Check 2, and installed a rubber kit for the relief valve. We noticed that the O-ring on the brand new relief valve repair kit looked just a hair larger than the original one found in the Backflow Prevention Assembly. We are speaking about […]

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