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This is a category focused on helping the tester through some issues that we have found to be difficult.

Document all Repairs

This is an important point that all testers should keep in mind when filling out their backflow test reports!

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Did the Second Check Fail on the RP?

When you are testing the RP, Do you know exactly what Closed tight or Not on the second check valve means. What exactly causes a fail on the number 2 Check Valve.

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Have you ever seen these test Cocks?

If you see these for the first time, they can make you feel like packing up your gauge. These are fairly easy to work with because they are compression test cocks. You simply thread your hoses on to the test cock adapter and you have water. So, if you are inside you may want to […]

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This is something all backflow testers should know. Very Impressive

We try to inform the backflow community on a different level with any interesting news that you may not find anywhere else.  This came up and we were impressed. Conbraco/Apoollo has a nice concept with this approach, and it will help managing parts a little bit easier. Click on the Graphic to see the post.

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When Pressure Fluctuations cause the RP to go into a continuous Water Hammer Dump

We came across an RP that got into a water hammer situation that it could not recover from. After Replacing the Seat and Disc for the number 1 Check Valve and raised the reading on the number 1 check from 5.0 to 8.2. Great pressure swings still caused the RP to Rock with Water Hammer. […]

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