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Frequently Asked Questions

TCEQ Approved Licensed Instructors for Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers

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Click on the link below to see the approved Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Training Facilities.

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How can I become a Backflow Inspector?

Click on this link  

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Can you test Fire Line Backflow Devices

In many Parts of the Country, Backflow Inspectors/Testers get the license and can test any backflow devices they choose.  In Texas, it is not that simple.  The TCEQ issues the same license to Backflow Inspectors across the state, but only Backflow Inspectors that are currently employed by a fire sprinkler company can test backflow devices […]

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Can’t Anybody Install a Backflow Device and just call for an Inspection?

This is a great Question, that we get a lot.  Why  do I need a plumbing company or irrigation company to install the device?  Can’t we do that and just call you to inspect. There are always exceptions, but the simple answer is No.  The Plumbing License Laws and Codes state that Backflow Devices must […]

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