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What is your Gauge Telling you? This is for Newer Testers!

We get a lot of questions from other backflow testers and we are here to help. It’s not unusual for a tester to call and share there leaky relief valve story with us. The tester will tell us about this scenario or that issue, and What they have taken apart and cleaned or replaced. Our […]

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Why do Ice Makers need a Backflow Preventer on them, They have internal Air Gaps? RIGHT?

The ice maker alone does not require a Backflow preventer, Until you add a filter to the set up. As we all know, a filter’s function is to isolate all of the contaminants, Lead, Chlorine, etc,. etc.. When the filter is not replaced often enough, it will become a high health hazard. We used to […]

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City preparing backflow prevention bylaw | Sarnia Observer

Sarnia businesses, institutions and apartment buildings could soon be required to invest thousands of dollars into backflow prevention devices in an effort to protect the city’s drinking water. Source: City preparing backflow prevention bylaw | Sarnia Observer

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