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Why do Ice Makers need a Backflow Preventer on them, They have internal Air Gaps? RIGHT?

The ice maker alone does not require a Backflow preventer, Until you add a filter to the set up. As we all know, a filter’s function is to isolate all of the contaminants, Lead, Chlorine, etc,. etc.. When the filter is not replaced often enough, it will become a high health hazard. We used to […]

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Wilkins 975 new install leaking

Small video series to help.

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Backflow Chronicles from Houston

What happens in the field (EXPOSED)

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Are you getting tired of all the Spam Phone Calls, Hang ups, and unwanted sales calls on your phone?

Make sure you go into your phone settings and give approval for Mr Number to control your call blocking and identification.  This is an easy step to forget.  To get maximum protection this step must be completed. https://backflowpartshouston.com/blogs/news/are-you-getting-a-lot-of-trash-hang-ups-spam-phone-calls-on-your-cell-phone

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Expensive Mistake

I had a call today from a customer that asked us to come out and Fix their Backflow Preventer. I asked them to send me a couple of pictures. I was all to happy to help. I can’t fix this. The installation is incorrect. The Wilkins 375 3″ is not approved for installation vertical flow […]

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